Skyblue Is Digital Brilliance

Expert and specialize in MLM Software

Skyblue designs and develops application software for multi-level marketing (MLM) and direct selling industries.With our system you able to experience the wonderful of IT.
Before Skyblue

Having ideas, unable to find the suitable solutions and design.

With Skyblue

Skyblue turns ideas into usable system software for customers.

No Matter What

All we do is win

We always provide the best services for our clients. No matter what your industries are, with us you will always win.

Whether stock management or huge industry member or product management, we always provide the best system to your company and let your staff easy to use.

Seriously, we do
Target Auidence
  • Small Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Corporate Businesses
  • Individual Businesses
  • Multi-Level Marketing Businesses
Our Specialties
  • Company Registration
  • AJL License Application
  • MLM Product Sourcing
  • Apply Product License
  • Back end MLM System Design
  • Front end CMS System
  • Yii- Framework
  • Database
  • Multi-Level Marketing System
Featured On
  • Back end MLM System Design
  • Front end CMS System
  • Yii- Framework
  • Database
  • Consultancy
Notable Clients
  •  Tiens
  • Axxa Global
  • DQS
  • Rain
  • yandi
  • Karich
  • Buymall
  • Diamond

System Management


Back-End System Design






Multi-Level Marketing System


It’s time you regained
control over your system

We can handle various system design, professional in MLM System since 2008, with experience to handle a MLM System with 3 millions member.

Trust us and you will get to see the beauty of wonderful backend system.

Stunning Functionality

With our MLM system programming, functionality is never a problem
Stunning Power

High performance system to accelerate your business in a wonderful pace.
Easy Use

We create an integrated system that is easy to use.
Expertise Team

We always keep it all together and we are a group of people who trust each other.
20 Years Experience

Good decision comes from experience and experience comes from bad decisions.

They are the best team I ever worked with, they are trustworthy and truly professional in creating backend system.

Abbish Senior Programmer, China

Their system helped us solve lots of problems, reduce human error and saving cost. The most important things are their service are splendid. They have a strong backend support team!

ChuStaff User

Their system is very easy to use, and very customizable. Special functions are being provided based on our needs. System are easier for customer and our stuff to place order and stock tracking.

KiongGeneral Manager, Jakarta

Skyblue has been with us since year 2010, they never fail to impress me. Their after sales service are wonderful and thank you for providing us such wonderful backend system.


Nice dashboard design and ease of use.


System is the paradise

of Corporation.

The best system produces

the best business.

We’re Skybluetg, a system solution provider located in the heart of Selangor, Malaysia. We pride ourselves on developing unique and professional solutions with a wide variety of mediums. If you have any question regard with system solution in your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What we can help you achieve

System Management | Software Design | Database Design

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If you are starting a new business model and needed a team of professional programmer to design your database and backend system. Please contact us.